Lawsuit Funding Companies

Your client's Oasis cash lifeline gives you

time to settle the case for its full, fair value.

As the only national firm of its kind,

Oasis is in contact with tens of thousands of personal injury attorneys just like you.


Simple Process

Co-founded and run by personal injury attorneys, Oasis Financial created a unique process that caters to your needs:


Efficient use of your time

One phone consult
with your dedicated team
-- your Case Director and
plainttiff's Case Manager,
both experts in your

No paperwork to draft

Clients can call us 24/7
with any questions

Streamlined turnaround

Within hours
acknowledgement form forwarded to you

Sign on mobile device--
client can sign contract
on mobile device, too*

Immediate money

*Signing via mobile device optional

Cash disbursed directly to client

Western Union®
Wire to one of 500,000
outlets worldwide

Bank wire to client's

Check to client by
Federal Express

to speak with
an Oasis Financial

It's very common for us to provide clients with pre-settlement funding the same day. The average transaction takes about 24-48 hours, from application to cash in hand.
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Lowell Steiger
Law Office of Lowell Steiger
Los Angeles CA

“Experience supports the conclusion that deep-pocketed defendants use the fact of the plaintiff’s inability to fund the cost of litigation to wear the plaintiff down and encourage the settlement of claims well below their true value.”

N.Y.U. Prof. Stephen Gillers, quoted in "David v. Goliath revisited:
Funding companies help level the litigation playing field,"
Trial (ATLA, May 2001).

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"Judith and her husband were on the verge of losing their business. We were able to help her pay some bills and get caught up. She sent me an e-mail stating our company 
saved their business and their marriage!"

Haynesville/ME Attorney

"Pat is a single dad who’d lost his job because of injuries he sustained in the accident. He was on such a deadline and said he and his daughter would’ve been homeless without our help."

Walton/KY Attorney

"My client slept in her car. We were her last hope. Kathy needed money for rent plus living expenses and every day necessities. She couldn't stop thanking me. We are her angels."

Tulsa/OK Attorney

Mary lost her job from the accident, but was able to get a job interview. To get there, she needed money to fix a flat tire. As a single mom, she also needed school supplies. Now she can provide for her children in all ways with the funds."

Holiday/FL Attorney

"My client John tells us how grateful he is every time we get on the phone. The money has helped him keep up with bills--and cover his copay for ongoing medical problems. If it wasn't for us, he says he'd be homeless."

Fort Pierce/FL Attorney

"After approval, Teneka was very excited and said, "Are you kidding me?" She was happy she could finally pay her bills."

Cedar Hills/TX Attorney

"Ashlee was involved in an auto accident with a drunken driver. Since then, she’s been struggling physically and financially—with numerous surgeries and being homeless. She needed funds before the weekend, and we were able to get her the money in less than two hours. She was so grateful and impressed at how quickly it happened."

Beckly/WV Attorney

"James desperately needed to pay his light bill and his mortgage. He was very happy when I told him he was approved. With the money left over he was going to take his ‘little ones’ to McDonald's as a treat. He said it'd been a long time."

Tampa/FL Attorney

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Responsible and Transparent

We’re committed to a fully informed plaintiff—each is assigned a dedicated Case Manager.
In addition:

  • 1

    Competitive pricing: Final client payment based on several factors

  • 2

    Funding is limited: On average 5%-10% of case value or what is permitted by your state laws ($500-$100,000 available)

  • 3

    Non-recourse: Client owes nothing if no award or settlement is secured

  • 4

    Your signature required: You sign the acknowledgment form; your client signs the Oasis Financial contract



Legal Funding

is available. You or your client
simply calls or emails your
dedicated contact.


can be purchased at highly
competitive rates, whether one
payment or the entire annuity.

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Reputable Track Record

In nearly 13 years, we’ve provided a financial lifeline to nearly 200,000 plaintiffs—your credit is not a factor. Click here to read more about our history of helping and leadership.

Your clients will be treated with the same professionalism and respect as you extend to them.

Oasis Financial is able to provide legal funding in most states. If you and your clients live in Arkansas, Kansas, Maryland, or North Carolina, we’re not able to provide legal funding at this time. Oasis Financial reserves the right to decline legal funding that does not meet its criteria.

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