Don’t wait for probate — access your inheritance now

In a best-case scenario, probate takes less than a year. If everything goes smoothly, it may take a few months or less. On the other hand, it is a different story altogether if there is a large estate with several beneficiaries who live in different parts of the country and disagree on how the estate should be handled. Factor in the decision to contest a Will, or significant outstanding debt, and probate becomes extremely complicated. In a worst-case scenario, probate can take at least a year, if not longer.

Fortunately, Oasis Inheritance™ Funding, powered by Probate Advance, allows you to get some of the money you stand to inherit much sooner. Since inheritance funding is not like a conventional loan, you do not have to worry about dealing with a bank and you do not have to pay us back straight away.

What is inheritance funding?

Inheritance funding is a financial tool that facilitates rapid access to the worth of your inheritance. It is also referred to as an:

  • Inheritance loan
  • Inheritance advance
  • Estate loan
  • Probate advance

The use of these terms in the same or similar contexts is often confusing to consumers. Basically, there are two types of inheritance funding. The first type involves a sale or assignment of part or all of your interest in the probate estate in exchange for the inheritance funding.  Many companies provide for a stepped fee structure that increases the amount owed as the resolution of the probate estate is pending.

Some companies may offer you a loan based on your pending inheritance. In most, but not all, of those cases, inheritance loans or estate loans are made against an asset such as land or other real property that you stand to inherit but cannot currently access. In some ways it is similar to a traditional loan because you have to repay the principal along with interest and fees. The lender accepts your estate as collateral in this type of transaction.

We specialize in provision of the former.

Why apply for an inheritance funding?

Inheritance funding may be a viable option for you if you want to:

  • Cover probate costs. If you are responsible for settling the estate, you may need money to pay probate costs. These may include payment of outstanding debts or taxes; legal fees; funeral costs; and so on.
  • Lessen or eliminate personal debt. An advance on your inheritance can help you pay off any outstanding personal debt you may have, including but not limited to credit card debt, and other high-interest loans.
  • Have extra cash on hand to cover routine expenses. Inheritance funding is a mechanism for financial relief when it is taking forever to settle the estate and unforeseen circumstances have diminished your personal savings or other resources. It may also be worth considering inheritance funding if you are not working or have limited income.

Disadvantages of inheritance funding

Like anything else in life, inheritance funding has pros and cons. Here are some things to be aware of.

  • Assumption of risk: Inheritance funding providers generally base approval on two factors. One is the likelihood that you will get what you stand to inherit, and the second is the value of your inheritance. Since there’s no guarantee your inheritance will come through, some providers attach costs and fees to the advance. Depending on how they are calculated, they can add up quickly. This can drastically affect the amount that is ultimately deducted from your inheritance.
  • Qualifications: In most cases, you won’t be eligible for this type of funding unless you stand to inherit money and/or property worth at least $15,000. You’ll also need to prove that your claim to the inheritance is valid.
  • The inherent complexity of the transaction: There are legal and financial implications associated with inheritance funding. Therefore, it is important that you consult with qualified legal and financial professionals. Inheritance funding is a complicated process that requires a lot of legal wrangling.

Finally, if you are grieving, this may not be the best time to make such an important decision on your own. In addition to seeking professional advice, talk to the people closest to you to make sure that you are making a sound decision.

Some other options

You may not need an inheritance funding if you have other resources. Consider the following alternatives:

  • Family allowance: In certain circumstances, the estate administrator is legally obligated to cover living expenses of people who were financially dependent on the deceased. This means you may be eligible for an allowance.
  • Advance from the estate: The estate may be able to issue an advance on your inheritance, but you will need the estate administrator’s permission to get it. The estate administrator may also ask you to return the funds if the estate faces unanticipated costs.
  • See if you have a claim against the estate: This may be possible if the deceased owed you money. An inheritance attorney can help you determine if you have such a claim.
  • Personal loans. This may be an option if you have a decent credit score and meet other criteria necessary to get a personal loan. A personal loan won’t erode the value of your inheritance and may be more affordable in the long run. However, other factors, such as your credit history and employment or employment history may come into play.

Preparing to apply for inheritance funding

Prior to submitting an application for an inheritance advance to us, we recommend that you take the following steps. Begin by consulting with qualified legal and financial professionals. Next, contact the executor of the Will or the estate administrator to: a) verify how much you stand to inherit, and b) let them know that you’re planning on applying for an inheritance funding.

This is also the time to make sure you have the documents that we’ll need to review your application. We usually request a copy of the death certificate, a copy of the Will, legal and/or probate papers and official verification of the estate administrator’s identity for the review. Finally, we also need the administrator’s certification verifying your inheritance and your personal identification.

We’re so confident that you’ll choose us, we don’t even mind if you do some “comparison shopping.” In fact, we encourage you to check out our competitors and compare applicable fees (if any) and funding terms. We also encourage you to verify our online reputation.

How to apply

Call us at 866-678-4005 for a free consultation. Fill out the application by using the form below.

Once we get your application, we’ll request the supporting documents detailed above, and do a comprehensive estate review.

If we approve your application, we will send a funding agreement for you and your lawyer to review. Make sure you understand all of the terms and conditions before you sign the agreement. If everything is okay, sign the agreement and return it to us.  We then make the funding available to you. We recoup the money we funded, plus any associated fees, when your inheritance comes through.

Why choose an inheritance funding from Oasis Financial?

If you need money from your inheritance while the estate is going through probate, Oasis Financial may be able to help. First, we believe you deserve to have immediate access to the money from your inheritance as soon as possible. Secondly, our inheritance fundings are a safe bet for you. If you don’t get paid from the estate or trust, then you owe us nothing. To learn more, give us a call at 866-678-4005.

Apply for inheritance funding today

Call us at 866-678-4005 to get started.

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Why get an inheritance funding from Oasis Inheritance™, powered by Probate Advance?

The probate process can be notoriously slow and complex. Our inheritance funding services allows you to access some of the money you stand to inherit quickly, with no credit checks. Because this is not like a conventional loan, there is an easy application process. Most importantly, it safe, trustworthy and risk free.

Our process from start to finish

Compared to traditional options, our process is fairly straightforward.  It begins with a free consultation where we discuss the estate and answer all of your questions about this type of financing. We also do the “heavy lifting” when it comes to obtaining and reviewing the legal documents we need to approve the estate.

After we have finished our estate review, we can fund your funding immediately. Once probate is finalized, we get paid and you get the rest of your inheritance.

For more information, and to learn about the benefits of inheritance funding, call us or contact us through our website. There’s no obligation.