Settlement Express

Be a Hero, Even Faster

Increase client satisfaction and garner more five-star reviews.

You’ve secured a great settlement – and your client is happy! At least until they realize how long the insurance company can take to pay.

For a fee capped at just 5.9% of plaintiff’s proceeds, Oasis can pay your client as soon as the signed release and executed settlement disbursement letter are received – often the same day. So you can be the hero even faster.

Settlement Express is a fast, affordable option to get the plaintiff their proceeds in hours – not weeks.

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How it Works

1. Application

Complete a short form on with your client and upload the signed release and executed settlement letter

2. Express Review

We review the request and provide approval within one business day

3. Contract Sent

Contracts are sent to the plaintiff and you via DocuSign (mobile or desktop)

4. Funds Delivered

Upon receipt of signed contracts, payment delivered to plaintiff within one business day via plaintiff selected funding option

5. Settlement Arrives

You received the settlement check from the insurance company

6. Payoff

You contact Oasis for final payoff amount and send a check to Oasis

Pro Tip

Add a Settlement Express disclosure to your Settlement Distribution to make the process turnkey.  Copy below is an example that could be easily added to your settlement distribution statements:

Options for receiving your settlement proceeds:

  • Next business day (5.9% fee – funds provided by Oasis Financial)
  • Upon receipt of payment from the insurance company (no fee, 30 – 60 days )

What Attorneys are Saying

“Settlement Express is a great option. One of the problems I face at the end of cases is a very happy client that grows unhappy as we wait on USPS to deliver an insurer’s check. When a client can settle their case and receive the funds the next day less a small fee, the client is happy and that makes me happy.”

“Settlement Express has been extraordinarily popular with our clients! It cuts down on client inquiries on the status of settlement proceeds. The client is happy, less administrative work is required, and the firms good will with the client is vastly improved.”

–Todd A. Strong, Strong Law Offices

“Settlement Express is now part of our discussion with every client settlement. The client benefits because they receive their settlement proceeds quickly, usually the same day. Our office benefits because clients no longer call us, “is my check there?” The process is very easy, and it does not complicate our disbursement process. This program has been very helpful for our clients and our practice.”

–Michael P. McCready, McCready, Garcia & Leet, Chicago, Illinois

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