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Pre-settlement financing puts money in your pocket before your case is settled. And because the money is repaid from your settlement, you can get it now, with no risk, no out-of-pocket costs, and your credit score is not a factor.

Get a $500 – $100,000 advance on your settlement

Get cash in as little as 24 hours once approved

No risk — If you lose your case, you owe us nothing; pay us back only from your settlement

BBB A+ Rating, trusted by more than 250,000 people like you

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When you’ve been injured in an accident, it can be difficult to make ends meet while you wait for your settlement money. You don’t have to struggle to pay bills — take control today and find peace of mind with help from Oasis.

Funding You Need. Now.

We can help you access part of your settlement faster in a few simple steps.

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Use our online form or call toll-free anytime to get started. There’s no cost, and the application takes only three minutes.

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Receive application approval in as little as 24 hours. Your credit score is not a factor.

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You Are Not Alone

Last month we helped more than 3,000 people just like you, providing funding during trying times. Our lawsuit settlement funding helps put you back in command of your finances, your responsibilities, and your life.

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“I wasn’t receiving any money at all, not even from the insurance company, and Oasis came through… They’re just fantastic!”

Joyce — Palm Bay, FL

Joyce — Palm Bay, FL

“Oasis takes all the risk. If you lose your case, you pay back nothing. Oasis stepped in and helped me out. I definitely recommend Oasis.”

Ron — Phenix City, AL

Ron — Phenix City, AL

I made the phone call, and within 24 hours the money was in my account.

Mark — Buford, GA

Mark — Buford, GA

“Oasis is the company that will be there for you in a time of need. Without the money from Oasis, I would have been forced to settle.”

Sam — Jupiter, FL

Sam — Jupiter, FL

“My attorney recommended Oasis. They gave me my life back, allowed me to provide for my family, gave me peace of mind.”

William — Chicago, IL

William — Chicago, IL

“It’s such a debilitating thing to have an injury and not be able to work. With Oasis I was able to get money to pay my bills.”

Anna — Bourbonnais, IL

Anna — Bourbonnais, IL

“One call to Oasis and we got the money we needed within one day. If I end up losing my case, I won’t have to pay them back.”

Alyssa — Riverside, CA

Alyssa — Riverside, CA

Help For Many Case Types

Oasis provides financial support when you need it most, funding a variety of personal injury case types.

Never Settle For Less

Oasis understands that bills don’t wait — and cases don’t settle quickly. We’ll work to get you a cash advance now, allowing your attorney more time to fight for the full value of your case.

Never Settle

Oasis is currently not providing legal funding in Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, or West Virginia.
Oasis provides funding for Workers’ Compensations cases in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, only.


There is a lot of terminology used in referring to pre-settlement and personal injury cases. The below glossary of terms and phrases is meant to provide some clarification around what each means and how they relate to the products and services offered by Oasis Financial.

A civil complaint filed by someone injured as the result of an unexpected event caused by another person’s negligence. The injured party (plaintiff) files the suit in order to obtain compensation for injuries sustained.

Financial relief in the form of a loan available to some plaintiffs in civil lawsuits (usually in personal injury cases) to help them make ends meet and cover medical expenses while their cases are pending. Also known as personal injury loans and personal injury lawsuit loans.

Pre-settlement funding from Oasis is not provided as a loan in most states.  However, Oasis is regulated as a lender in some states. It provides you a portion of your pending personal injury settlement now to help with covering regular expenses while you wait. The money is paid back from your settlement along with any fees and charges, and if you lose your case you are under no obligation to pay Oasis back.

Financial relief in the form of an advance (i.e. a loan) available to some plaintiffs (usually in personal injury cases). In this type of arrangements, funding companies assess the strength of a plaintiff’s case to determine its worth and chances of successful resolution. If the plaintiff has a strong case, the company will provide a cash advance against the pending settlement. The amount advanced plus any applicable fees/charges is deducted from the settlement when the case is resolved. Also known as: lawsuit settlement funding, lawsuits loans, legal funding, legal funding loans, and legal loans, or loans for lawsuits.

Pre-settlement funding from Oasis is not a cash advance or loan (although Oasis does operate as a loan in a few states due to regulation) but provides cash in advance of the pending settlement from your lawsuit. The cash is paid back from your settlement plus any fees or charges. Should you lose your case, you are not required to pay Oasis back, ever.

Financial services, such as the provision of lawsuit funding and variations thereof, provided to plaintiffs involved in civil litigation in certain circumstances.

One form of financial relief available to plaintiffs in civil lawsuits while their cases are pending. It is similar to a lawsuit cash advance. Also known as:  pre-lawsuit loans, pre-settlement funding loans, Pre-settlement lawsuit funding, and pre settlement loans.

While pre-settlement funding is sometimes referred to as a loan (i.e. pre-settlement loan, pre-settlement lawsuit loan, etc.) it is actually a way for a plaintiff to receive a portion of their pending settlement now while they wait. The money is paid back from their settlement and if they should lose, a plaintiff is under no obligation to pay the money back. Please note, due to regulation Oasis does operate as a loan in some states.

Another form of financial relief available to plaintiffs in personal injury and similar cases while they are awaiting compensation upon the successful resolution of their case. The proceeds may be used to meet routine financial obligations or cover medical expenses. The amount advanced against the settlement is deducted from the settlement, along with any applicable fees/charges.

Funding from Oasis is not a loan, except in some states where Oasis does operate as a loan due to regulation. It is a cash payment of a portion of a pending settlement or judgement that is paid back from the settlement along with any fees or charges. If a plaintiff loses their case, they are not required to pay Oasis back.

In the context of civil litigation, a settlement is the resolution of the legal matter in question prior to trial or before a judgment is awarded. It is usually reached through negotiations between attorneys for the parties involved.