There are several types of lawsuit funding for those stuck in lengthy legal proceedings. Oasis can help connect you to the right solution for your situation.

Pre-settlement Funding

While a case is in progress, a cash payment may be needed for various expenses. Pre settlement funding offers you a portion of your settlement upfront, allowing faster relief from overdue bills and financial worries. Also known as a lawsuit advance or settlement loan, this money is taken from what a plaintiff is estimated to receive once their case is finalized.

Pre-settlement funding is a good option for you if:

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You have been victim to an accident that’s not your fault
Your case is taking a long time to settle
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You are struggling with debt due to living and medical expenses
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Oasis Structured Settlements®Funding

If you have a structured settlement — smaller payments received over time after your case has settled — Oasis may be able to help you get money sooner.

Oasis Inheritance®Funding

Also known as an estate loan, this funding expedites access to your inheritance if it’s tied up in probate. If you can’t wait, we may have solutions for you.

Don’t have an attorney?

We can connect you with legal professionals to help advise on your specific situation.


Cases We Fund

Personal injury cases can take time to settle. Oasis provides financial assistance while your attorney sees your case through to the end. Our experienced team works to get you fast and fair pre-settlement funding for a wide variety of legal cases.

Auto Accidents
Road Traffic Injuries

  • Motor Vehicle
  • Passenger Injury
  • Pedestrian Injury

Workers’ Comp
Workplace Negligence

  • Construction Negligence
  • FELA (Railroad)
  • Jones Act (Maritime)

Premises Negligence
(Slip and Fall)
Other Injuries

  • Civil Rights
  • General Negligence
  • Wrongful Death

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Oasis does not directly fund structured settlement or inheritance funding cases, but we can refer you to trusted partners who can evaluate your case and provide funding if approved.
Oasis is currently not providing legal funding in Arkansas, Connecticut, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, or West Virginia.
Oasis provides funding for Workers' Compensation cases in Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, and South Carolina, only.