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How Can I Track My Settlement Check?

You’ve won a lawsuit for personal injury, medical malpractice, defective devices, or for another claim and been awarded compensation for your injury. Your next thought will likely be how soon you can get your settlement check from the defendant. There are probably bills to pay to your medical provider as well as living expenses you’ve incurred. You may want to know how to track your settlement check? There are still several steps between being awarded a settlement and getting the settlement funds from the insurance company or plaintiff.

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What Happens When You Sue Someone with No Money?

When someone infringes on your rights or causes harm to you from abuse or neglect, you have the right to compensation for your injuries. You can file a lawsuit against the other party for an amount to cover your expenses and sometimes, for pain and suffering. But what happens when you sue someone with no money? Will you be left with nothing?

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Essure Lawsuits

Thousands of filed lawsuits against Essure, a medical device to prevent pregnancy, have been ongoing as women wait for verdicts in their favor. Bayer announced that it would pay a large sum to end most of the lawsuits against the company involving Essure. This Essure settlement would take care of most of the claims against the company.

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