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How Pre-Settlement Funding Works

The accident wasn't your fault, but...

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to pay your bills.

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you may have to
settle too soon.

How Oasis Financial can be your lifeline:

Get legal funding

before your lawsuit settles—from $500 to $100,000.*

*Subject to applicable state statutory limits and regulations

Get it within hours

to pay ongoing bills and keep life as normal and stress-free as possible.

With no risk:

You owe nothing unless you're successful with your claim (no application or upfront out-of-pocket fees).

If you lose your case, you don't pay us back.


What type of case do you have?

The most common cases are listed below. Call toll-free 877.333.6675 to confirm that you qualify.

  • Auto Accident

    Many auto accident claims do not settle quickly. Being injured is bad enough, but if you’re unable to work, life becomes that much harder. As bills pile up, people often feel pressure to settle their cases early for less than the fair value. An Oasis Financial cash lifeline gives you and your attorney breathing room, so you’re not forced to take the defendant’s first offer.
  • Workers Comp

    Almost half of all work place injuries are serious enough to cause the employee to miss work or require ongoing medical care. Worker’s Compensation laws were created to protect injured workers by providing for medical care, compensation for lost wages related to the injury and rehabilitation and/or retraining if necessary.

    Because paying these claims can be costly, employers don’t always believe they are legitimate, creating undue delays in resolving them. In addition, defendants often don’t even make an initial offer. They want to pay zero—more reason than ever to give your attorney time to win a fair settlement.*

    *Oasis does not work with Workers Compensation cases in Alaska, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, or Wyoming.

  • Civil Rights

    These claims can result from a wide variety of discriminatory misconduct, including misconduct regarding age, disability, pregnancy, race and religious discrimination—as well as different types of harassment charges. While the actions prompting these claims may not leave a person with a physical injury, they can cause significant stress for the claimant and their family—negatively impacting the family’s financial situation. Civil rights cases often take years to settle.
  • Construction Negligence

    The reality of construction litigation is that even with an experienced lawyer and a well-documented case, the legal process can move slowly. Defendants aren’t likely to step up and provide a quick resolution with a fair award. More commonly, the defendant will offer a small amount, hoping the claimant is financially needy enough to take it.
  • FELA (Railroad)

    Similar to Workers Comp, the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) provides compensation for railroad workers injured on the job. Almost any worker employed by a railroad company, even those whose primary responsibilities are not performed in or around trains, is protected under the FELA.

    The degree of negligence the plaintiff must show under the FELA (usually due to the railroad, its employees or an equipment manufacturer) is actually less than “no fault” Workers Comp. However, FELA requires a higher burden of proof by the courts than Workers Comp, so FELA litigation can last much longer.
  • General Negligence

    Negligence lawsuits cover a broad range of specific complaints including: animal bites, amusement park injuries, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, plus homeowner and nursing home negligence. Since these cases are expensive and time-consuming to defend, the defendant will probably want to settle quickly, but that rarely means the amount offered will be fair.
  • Jones Act (Maritime)

    Like FELA described above, the Jones Act was signed into law to protect maritime workers involved in accidents while at work. As you would expect, claimants must prove that their employers were negligent or “at fault.”

    However, “comparative fault” is involved here. if the employer can prove that the plaintiff’s actions contributed to or caused the accident, the amount of the award can be reduced accordingly. This clause is why nearly all employers will immediately blame plaintiffs for their own accidents—and why these cases can take so long to settle.
  • Motor Vehicle and Passenger Injury

    See Auto Accident
  • Pedestrian Injury

    Did you know that, on average, a pedestrian is injured every seven minutes?** Collisions with motor vehicle or bicycles, or injuries due to unsafe conditions, can happen anytime. If you’ve sustained injuries through another party’s negligence, you may already know that the legal process moves slowly, even with a strong case.

    **Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; 2012, Pedestrian Safety, “How big is the problem.”

  • Premises Negligence (Slip and Fall)

    If you were injured on another’s property and the property owner failed to warn you of the possible hazard, the owner may be found negligent and liable. Premise liability lawsuits encompass a wide range of accidents, but “slip and fall” cases are the most common.

    This type of injury can occur on private or public property and can be caused by uneven or cracked sidewalks, poorly lit pathways, slippery or unbalanced floors, potholes, ripped carpet or rugs, and even bad weather.
  • Workplace Negligence

    A job-related injury is typically covered by Workers Comp insurance. However, if the injury involved negligence on the part of the employer, a fellow employee or a product, tool or machine produced by a third party, a workplace negligence lawsuit may be filed. These are often handled outside of the state-specific Workers Comp “no-fault” claims process.

    Since these cases are not considered “no fault,” it is the claimant’s burden to prove that the other party is liable. This can lead to a long, contentious fight.
  • Wrongful Death

    There are no words to describe the loss of a loved one, especially due to a senseless accident caused by the actions or negligence of someone else. In addition to taking a terrible emotional toll on those left behind, the wrongful death of a loved one can also create significant financial hardships.


Competitive Pricing, No Out of Pocket, and No Risk

  • Our pricing for funding is determined by the specifics of your case. Apply for free, and get full pricing details upon approval.
  • Pay nothing out of pocket—payment comes out of the award or settlement amount.
  • Owe nothing if you don't win your case.


How to Qualify Checklist

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Final approval is subject to our underwriting standards. We tend to fund 5-10% of the value of your claim (this is part of the approval process).


You’ve suffered a personal injury.

This is most often an injury that requires time off from work and forces you to pay other obligations.

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You’ve hired an attorney.

If you don't have an attorney check with your local state bar association for a reference.

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Oasis Financial is able to provide legal funding in most states.

If you live in Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, or North Carolina, we're not able to provide pre-settlement funding at this time.

How to Apply for Pre-Settlement Funding

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