Fund urgent injury-related care without a lien.

You may have personal injury clients who need immediate medical care while their case is still in progress. Their healthcare provider may not accept a medical lien or letter of protection, or time may be of the essence. If the burden of big out-of-pocket medical expenses is too much for your clients, Oasis can help.

express cash for care
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  • Oasis Express Cash for Care™ is a direct payment to a medical provider
  • Payment covers a client’s injury-related treatment, service, or device
  • Payments made directly through our pre-settlement funding

You already know Oasis for our top-rated pre-settlement funding to bridge the gap of basic living expenses. Take care of your personal injury clients with Oasis Express Cash for Care. No one works harder to help fund your personal injury clients’ medical care, making it easier for them – and you.

Why Express Cash For Care?

Established company, existing process

We apply the same efficient review and approval process to Express Cash for Care requests as our well-known pre-settlement funding.

Streamlined financial solution

Since payment comes out of the settlement, Express Cash for Care doesn’t require a deposit or complicated paperwork upfront.

Hassle-free service

One phone consultation with your dedicated team is all it takes. We’ll share regular updates with you and your client and send payments to providers as soon as contracts are signed and procedures are scheduled.

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Did you know…

We can also help with Pre-settlement Funding to cover the costs of day-to-day living expenses?