Accidents involving vehicles owned by a business can have severe consequences for innocent individuals. When a person is injured due to the negligence of both the company and its driver, they may experience physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial hardship. Knowing the appropriate steps to take following such an incident is crucial to ensure the victim’s rights are protected and proper compensation is received, including pursuing an auto accident claim or seeking an auto accident settlement.

Steps to Take If Injured by a Vehicle Owned by a Business

Seek Immediate Medical Attention
The first and most critical step after being injured in an accident involving a corporate vehicle is to seek immediate medical attention. Even if injuries appear minor at first, some conditions may not manifest until later. Visiting a healthcare professional allows for a proper assessment of injuries and ensures a timely diagnosis and treatment.

Consult with an Attorney
Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney is vital to navigate the legal complexities involved in cases of corporate vehicle accidents. An attorney can advise on the appropriate legal steps to take, help in gathering evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent the injured individual in court if necessary, including advocating for a fair auto accident settlement.

Gather Evidence and Information
Preserving evidence is essential for building a strong case. If able, gather relevant information at the scene of the accident, including the corporate vehicle’s license plate number, driver’s information, and contact details of any witnesses. Additionally, taking photographs of the accident scene, vehicle damages, and injuries can provide valuable evidence during the legal process.

woman taking notes at accident scene

Report the Accident
Report the accident to the police as soon as possible. A police report can serve as an official document detailing the incident, which can be crucial in establishing liability and proving the accident’s cause. Provide your attorney with a complete list of all medical providers who treated you.

Document Medical Treatment and Expenses
Keep thorough records of all medical treatments received and related expenses incurred due to the injuries. This documentation can serve as evidence of the extent of the injuries and the financial impact caused by the accident.

Notify Insurance Companies
Notify your insurance company about the accident promptly. However, it is essential to be cautious when discussing the accident with insurance adjusters, as they may attempt to minimize your claim. It is always advisable to consult with an attorney before providing any recorded statements.


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How Pre-Settlement Funding Can Help

Pre-settlement funding, also known as lawsuit funding or litigation finance, is a financial service designed to assist individuals involved in legal cases, including personal injury claims resulting from corporate vehicle accidents. It provides plaintiffs with access to funds to cover living expenses, medical bills, and other financial obligations while their case is pending.

Immediate Financial Support
After an accident, injured individuals may find themselves unable to work and face mounting medical bills and other expenses. Pre-settlement funding can offer a lifeline by providing quick access to funds, ensuring the injured party can cover essential living costs during the lengthy legal process.

Non-Recourse Nature
One of the significant advantages of pre-settlement funding is its non-recourse nature. This means that if the plaintiff does not win the case or reach a settlement, they are not obligated to repay the funded amount. The funding company assumes the risk, making it a viable option for those worried about the outcome of their case.

Leveling the Playing Field
Injured individuals often face powerful corporate entities with substantial legal and financial resources. Pre-settlement funding can help level the playing field by allowing the plaintiff’s legal team to pursue the case effectively, without being pressured to accept a low settlement offer due to financial constraints.

Enhanced Negotiation Power
With pre-settlement funding, plaintiffs can afford to wait for a fair settlement offer rather than accepting an insufficient offer out of desperation. Having financial stability during negotiations can empower the injured party to hold out for the compensation they deserve.

Experiencing an injury due to a corporate vehicle’s negligence can be a challenging and overwhelming ordeal. By taking the appropriate steps immediately after the accident, individuals can protect their rights and seek fair compensation for their injuries. Additionally, pre-settlement funding can play a crucial role in alleviating the financial burden faced by the injured party, allowing them to focus on their recovery and pursuit of justice. Understanding the importance of these steps and the benefits of pre-settlement funding can help injured individuals navigate the legal process with confidence and hope for a just outcome.

Individuals who have sustained injuries in a corporate vehicle accident often find themselves burdened with increasing medical costs and other expenses, which can create significant mental strain.

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Oasis provides pre-settlement funding, also known as consumer litigation funding, to its customers through different products depending on their state of residence or cause of action. Many consumers will be provided pre-settlement funding in the form of a purchase agreement, which assigns a portion of the pending proceeds from their legal claim. Other consumers, such as those in SC and CO will be offered a funding in the form of a pre-settlement loan, sometimes referred to as a lawsuit loan. These transactions have important differences, therefore, consumers should carefully review and be aware of the type of transaction that is offered to them by any funding company.