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  • Reviews Are In: Oasis Financial Nets A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

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  • Oasis Sponsors Charitable Organization Dedicated to Providing Better Futures

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  • Oasis Legal Finance Rebrands as Oasis Financial, Launches New, User-Friendly Website

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  • Reviews Are In: Oasis Financial Nets A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

    CHICAGO, Feb. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Oasis Financial, a national pioneer in pre-settlement consumer legal funding, recently received an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois (BBB) in recognition of its commitment to its customers and customer service practices.

     "Only those businesses that meet our high standards and pass the review process are approved by our Board of Directors," Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois said Tuesday. "We care deeply about our customers and know they deserve the best," said Ralph Shayne, CEO of Oasis Financial.

    Oasis Financial leads the industry in providing consumer legal funding—funding to individuals involved in personal injury litigation, primarily due to auto and work-related accidents that do not have to be paid back if they lose their case. Legal claims take time to settle fairly. Thankfully, Oasis is there to bridge the gap—helping families make ends meet between the accident and receiving a fair insurance settlement.

    Over half-a-million people have trusted Oasis for their legal funding needs in the last decade. "We strive to provide timely, accurate information to our customers. Everything they need to make strong, informed financial choices," said Shayne.

    According to a recent PEW Charitable Trusts study, nearly 55 percent of all American households lack the financial wherewithal or have more than one month's salary in savings to weather a financial crisis, such as a the loss of income due to an injury. When disaster strikes, meeting even basic family needs can become a struggle.

    "We are there when life moves faster than your case," said Shayne.

    About Oasis Financial

    Oasis Financial, a national pioneer in consumer legal funding, is headquartered in suburban Chicago, Illinois, and has satellite offices across the country. Last spring it went through a highly successful rebranding campaign when its name changed from Oasis Legal Finance.

    Oasis continues to be a driving force in the regulatory and legislative areas of the consumer legal funding industry. It is a founding member of the Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding (ARC), which is diverse coalition established to promote practices and regulations that lead to informed decisions between individuals and their attorneys. Families have more options—not fewer—when they've been in an accident. Working with a variety of stakeholders, Oasis is defining the appropriate regulations and best practices that will guide the industry well into the future.

  • Oasis Sponsors Charitable Organization Dedicated to Providing Better Futures

    CHICAGO, Sept. 19, 2015  -- Oasis Financial sponsored the Jordan Michael Filler Foundation’s (JMFF) 5K walk/run to respond to the fight against substance abuse and addiction. The money raised from the non-profit organization is used to educate about substance abuse, prevention and HIPAA reform

    The JMFF hits close to home for Oasis as both organizations are based in the Chicagoland area, like Oasis, the JMFF strives for transparency, awareness, and action for initiatives.
    JMFF Oasis Financial is dedicated to providing a better future for individuals, families and communities. If you’re interested in more information or would like to send a donation, please visit

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