Are you involved in a personal injury lawsuit in Illinois? If so, you may be experiencing a lot of financial stress due to the costs involved. Pre-settlement funding is an option to relieve some of the financial burden.

Different from loans, pre-settlement funding is based on the potential of your lawsuit and not on your credit history. This funding option provides immediate financial relief without you needing to make monthly repayments because the funding company recoups their investment from the settlement. But if your case is lost, you don’t owe anything. Again, this is a huge differentiator from a loan, where repayment is mandatory regardless of whether your case wins or loses. 

Pre-settlement funding in Illinois is a no-risk option that can provide significant financial relief for many individuals and is often a more convenient financial solution than loans.

How Pre-Settlement Funding Works in Illinois

Pre-settlement funding in Illinois provides financial support to those involved in personal injury lawsuits. This includes cases relating to car accidents in Chicago, slip and fall incidents, and more. This type of funding bridges the gap, ensuring everyday expenses are covered without the strain of waiting for a personal injury lawsuit settlement.

1.      Requesting the Funding

To request pre-settlement funding, you’ll first gather all related documentation – police reports for a car accident, medical records for injuries sustained, and any proof of lost wages. Funding companies will assess your case based on the strength of your lawsuit and the expected personal injury lawsuit settlement amount. Remember, these firms consider the likelihood of a favorable lawsuit outcome as the primary factor in their decision-making process – not your credit history.

2.      Receiving the Funding

Approval hinges on the strength of your case, focusing on incidents relating to car accidents in Chicago, slip and fall settlements, and premises liability lawsuits, among others, in Illinois. If approved, funds are dispersed quickly, which can greatly ease financial burdens during this stressful period.

3.      Nonrecourse Funding – what is it?

Understanding the structure of pre-settlement funding in Illinois is crucial for plaintiffs. The funding company only receives funds if you win your case. This feature distinguishes it from loans where repayment is obligatory regardless of your lawsuit’s outcome. Basically, with pre-settlement funding, the financial risk shifts from you to the funding company, providing a safety net as you navigate the complexities of your personal injury lawsuit, premises liability lawsuit, or car accident lawsuit in Chicago or another part of Illinois. This structure ensures fairness and financial security during difficult times.


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Common Types of Pre-Settlement Funding in Illinois

In Illinois, pre-settlement funding is available for disputes arising from car accidents, premises liability lawsuits, and workplace negligence cases. These areas frequently prompt the need for personal injury legal funding, supporting victims as they await personal injury lawsuit settlements.

Both Chicago and the rest of the state of Illinois have a high volume of car accidents annually. These incidents often lead to personal injury lawsuits, with victims seeking legal funding to support their recovery while awaiting settlements.

Premises negligence lawsuits have also surged in Illinois. Victims often face long waits for slip and fall settlements, making financial support essential. Workplace negligence incidents also frequently occur, underlining the crucial need for pre-settlement funding for workers enduring these challenges.

Whether stemming from a Chicago auto accident, a slip and fall scenario, or an incident of workplace negligence in Illinois, pre-settlement funding can be the pathway to financial relief until the resolution of the case.

Pre-settlement Funding in Illinois

Pre-settlement funding is available for personal liability lawsuits in Illinois, specifically those pertaining to auto accidents, premises neglect incidents (also known as slip and fall), and workplace negligence claims (often distinct from typical workplace compensation cases).

Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding in Illinois

Injuries from auto accidents that are eligible for pre-settlement funding in Illinois range from whiplash and broken bones to severe trauma, and covers injuries from accidents involving various types of vehicles: small cars, semi-trucks, buses, bicycles, scooters, and even construction vehicles may qualify. However, non-motorized vehicles and boats typically fall outside this funding scope, highlighting a nuanced understanding of Illinois laws pertaining to car accidents.

Premises Negligence Lawsuit

Premises negligence incidents (commonly referred to as slip and fall incidents) in Illinois refer to a property owner’s failure to ensure safety on their land or in their buildings, leading to injury. Pre-settlement funding offers financial relief to victims injured due to this type of a situation, aiding them through their legal journey towards compensation.

Wet Floor Sign

Two examples where a person may incur an injury while in a private business include:

  1. Slipping on an unmarked wet floor in a grocery store, which can lead to a serious back injury.
  2. Tripping over poorly secured wiring at an office building, which can result in a fractured wrist.

Some places where slip and fall incidents frequently occur include:

  • Apartment buildings – Common places for slips due to inadequate maintenance or lighting.
  • Office buildings – Polished floors can be slick, increasing accident risks.
  • Stores – Wet floors often lead to falls and injuries can occur when merchandise falls.
  • Restaurants – Food and liquid spills are frequent hazards.
  • Hotels – Guests might encounter slippery lobbies or staircases.

In Illinois, premises liability cases often involve severe accidents. Eligible injuries for pre-settlement funding include whiplash, broken bones, fractures, lacerations, and trauma.

Workplace Negligence in Illinois

Workplace negligence in Illinois involves employers’ failure to ensure a safe environment, leading to injured employees to seek legal recourse for damages sustained. Pre-settlement funding can connect injured employees with necessary funds during their recovery and legal process.

Two incidents where a person may incur a workplace negligence injury are:

  • Falling from an unsecured ladder, leading to leg and arm fractures.
  • Lack of safety gear, resulting in severe head injuries.

Pre-settlement funding in Illinois extends to various injuries from workplace negligence, which may include broken bones, loss of limbs (dismemberment), and severe lacerations. Each case underlines the urgent need for financial support during litigation.

Workplace Negligence vs. Workers Compensation

Workplace negligence claims stem from an employer’s failure to ensure safety, often leading to personal injury lawsuits. Workers’ compensation, on the other hand, provides benefits regardless of fault, typically barring lawsuits.

Oasis pre-settlement funding covers workplace negligence lawsuits in Illinois, as well as workers’ compensation lawsuits in Illinois.


Have you been involved in an auto accident in Illinois and need help with pre-settlement funding? Oasis is here to help!

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How Does Pre-Settlement Funding Work in Illinois?

There are a few key pre-settlement funding steps in Illinois:

Step 1. Applying For Pre-Settlement Funding

This step involves gathering documents related to your personal injury lawsuit and submitting your application. Documents need to include details of the incident, your injuries, and any financial losses suffered.

Prior to applying for funding, it is important to first discuss with your attorney whether pre-settlement funding is a good option for you and your case.

Step 2. Case Evaluation

Funders will evaluate the merits of your personal injury lawsuit. The following factors are used to determine whether your application will get approved and for how much:

  • Case strength – The chances of the case succeeding
  • Extent of damages – The severity of the injuries sustained by the plaintiff
  • Insurance coverage – If the defendant is covered by insurance, how good is their coverage?
  • Length of case – The amount of time expected for the case to settle
  • Jurisdiction – Where the case is occurring

Step 3. Funding Approval

After submitting the application, notification of approval is usually sent within 24-48 hours.

Step 4. Pre-Settlement Funding Agreement

Once the application is approved, the final step before funds are dispersed is for Oasis Financial to obtain signatures from both the borrower and their attorney. This pre-settlement funding agreement assures set terms and conditions, and details about the amounts owed to the funding company. The funds are released after these documents are signed.

Step 5: Pre-Settlement Funding Process

Approved applicants will typically receive funds directly into their account within 24-48 hours. It can also be arranged to have funds distributed via ACH or money transfer.

Advantages of Pre-Settlement Funding

Pre-settlement funding in Illinois can help you manage living expenses while waiting on the settlement of your pending lawsuit. These expenses include:

  • Mortgage/rent
  • Groceries
  • Daycare
  • Transportation
  • Clothing
  • Utility bills
  • Medical costs that aren’t covered by insurance

Other advantages of pre-settlement funding:

  • Allows time for negotiation
  • Gives you time to find the best legal representation
  • Levels the playing field between plaintiff and defendant

Pre-Settlement Funding FAQs

Even though pre-settlement funding provides many advantages to a plaintiff, there are also important factors to consider before definitively taking this route.

What are the Risks of Pre-Settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding for personal injury lawsuits is non-recourse debt, meaning you won’t be responsible for repaying if your case doesn’t win. This makes the financial risk for you very low.

Non-Recourse Debt

Non-recourse debt means if your lawsuit does not yield a settlement, you don’t owe anything.

What Is the Probability of Defaulting?

Since Oasis only collects fees if your case is won, you aren’t at risk of default.

Choosing the Right Pre-Settlement Company

When looking for a pre-settlement company in Illinois to work with, be sure to choose one with a transparent process with no hidden fees and a fast approval timeline.

Do You Need Pre-Settlement Funding?

If you’re thinking about applying for pre-settlement funding, first evaluate if you truly need it by considering the following factors:

  • Amount of current financial pressure you have
  • Level of desire to keep your preserve your savings
  • The need to stay current on all your bills and avoid debt collectors
  • If you have lost wages due to serious injuries and are out of work for an extended time
  • The duration of the anticipated wait for your settlement

Why Choose Oasis Financial?

We pride ourselves on personalized customer service. For over 25 years, Oasis Financial has been the industry leader, having helped over 350,000 individuals and families get financial assistance when they most needed it.

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Oasis provides pre-settlement funding, also known as consumer litigation funding, to its customers through different products depending on their state of residence or cause of action. Many consumers will be provided pre-settlement funding in the form of a purchase agreement, which assigns a portion of the pending proceeds from their legal claim. Other consumers, such as those in SC and CO will be offered a funding in the form of a pre-settlement loan, sometimes referred to as a lawsuit loan. These transactions have important differences, therefore, consumers should carefully review and be aware of the type of transaction that is offered to them by any funding company.