We can be your financial lifeline while your case settles.

At Oasis Financial we take pride in our ability to help accident victims in pending personal injury cases get immediate financial relief and peace of mind. As legal funding industry leaders in the United States, we do this by providing legal funding that you can use to pay your doctors, specialists and other healthcare providers. You can also use the money to cover routine living expenses, such as your rent, mortgage, utilities and so on.

Best of all, our legal funding is not like a conventional loan. You don’t have to worry about starting to pay us back right away or dealing with the aggravation of applying for a personal loan. Because we understand life moves faster than your case, credit score is not a factor and you don’t need a job to qualify.

Our services also relieve the pressure on your attorney to accept an early settlement offer in your legal case. This means your lawyer can concentrate on building your case to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Providing the financial relief you need, when you need it

Are you the plaintiff in a pending personal injury case? Do you have a personal injury lawyer? Are you still struggling to recover from your injuries? Are you unable to work and worried about lost income? Do you need cash to cover your rent, mortgage, daily living expenses or medical bills?  Are you experiencing overwhelming stress or financial pressure? If your answer to all of these questions is, “yes,” Oasis Financial may be able to help. Simply apply for pre-settlement funding today.

Get the legal funding you need. Now.

It can take more than a year to resolve a personal injury case, especially if the matter goes to trial. We help qualified applicants access part of their settlement quickly in just a few simple steps. If you are a plaintiff in a personal injury case this allows you to get the medical treatment you need for injuries sustained in a car accident. It can also help cover costs if you are referred to a specialist.

Oasis Financial provides financial assistance by providing cash to eligible plaintiffs in various personal injury lawsuits stemming from another person’s negligence. A lot of our clients have pending personal injury cases stemming from car accidents. We also provide pre-settlement funding to plaintiffs in pending wrongful death, medical malpractice, discrimination, sexual harassment, FELA (railroad), maritime/Jones Act and wrongful termination cases.

Just follow these three simple steps to get your legal funding

  1. Apply.   As long as you are a plaintiff in pending litigation as detailed above, and an attorney is representing you, you can apply for cash from Oasis Financial.  All you have to do is use our online form or call us anytime to get started. There’s no cost, and the application process only takes a few minutes. Here’s what we usually need: Some basic information about you; some basic information about your case; your lawyer’s name, and his or her contact information.
  2. Get Approved. Pre-settlement funding, which is sometimes referred to as a lawsuit loan or settlement funding, is actually cash provided in exchange for payment from a portion of your potential settlement or judgment. The amount of the funding, plus any associated fees, is deducted from the settlement or judgment when your case is resolved. Because pre-settlement funding is not like a traditional loan, the application and approval process is much easier. We base approval on the value and strength of your case, not your financial standing. This means that credit score is not a factor and won’t influence approval or denial of an application. As long as we get all of the information we need from you and your lawyer, your application may be approved in as little as 24 hours.
  3. Receive Funds. We assume significant risk when we provide funding. Therefore, we are more likely to approve your application if you have a strong case. If your application is approved, we will send a copy of the pre-settlement funding agreement to you and your attorney for review. This is an extremely important document and you and your lawyer should look it over carefully. This document lets you know:
    • How much money you will get.
    • How any fees are calculated.

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to ask your lawyer before you sign the agreement. Once you are confident that you understand and are comfortable with the terms and conditions, sign and return the agreement.

In most cases, our customers get their cash in as little as 24 hours after submitting the signed agreement to us.

At Oasis Financial, we have a proven track record of helping plaintiffs in personal injury cases and their families get the financial relief they need without the hassles of a traditional loan. We also help their attorneys by relieving pressure to resolve a case quickly. If you are a plaintiff in a pending personal injury case, or an attorney representing a client in a personal injury case, we look forward to helping you, too.

Oasis provides pre-settlement funding, also known as consumer litigation funding, to its customers through different products depending on their state of residence or cause of action. Many consumers will be provided pre-settlement funding in the form of a purchase agreement, which assigns a portion of the pending proceeds from their legal claim. Other consumers, such as those in SC and CO will be offered a funding in the form of a pre-settlement loan, sometimes referred to as a lawsuit loan. These transactions have important differences, therefore, consumers should carefully review and be aware of the type of transaction that is offered to them by any funding company.