If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you may think it was just bad luck, that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that your own clumsiness is to blame. But chances are, something could – and should—have been done to prevent the accident. This is because property owners and landlords are legally obligated to keep you safe while you are on the premises. Specifically, they must adhere to certain safety standards to do so, or face the possibility of costly lawsuits.

If you hired an attorney and filed a slip and fall lawsuit, you may also face the possibility of a lengthy settlement process. Unfortunately, a case that drags on can not only exacerbate your anxiety, but also create financial stress for you and your family. If you’re struggling to pay your bills while your slip and fall lawsuit is pending, you may qualify for pre-settlement funding that provides financial relief and peace of mind.

What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents occur when someone slips and falls for any reason and sustains some form of injury. The injured party might file a lawsuit if they were legally on another person’s property when the injury occurred.

Injuries requiring medical treatment may lead to compensation when the injured party falls into one of two categories:

  • Invitee – In these cases, the invitee is the person who has been invited to enter the property for any reason. For example, you may be “invited” to a client’s business to conduct a business deal.
  • Licensee – Licensees are individuals invited to enter a property as social guests. It could include someone’s private property, a restaurant, or a private party at a local function room. Note that trespassers are explicitly excluded from this definition.

Any public place could become a venue where a fall could occur, such as a bar, restaurant, sports venue, or parking lot. It can also take place on private property, including your home or swimming pool.

Note that a different system applies if the injured party is an employee. Some states may require employees to file a different type of claim based on their employment contract or workers compensation laws.

Typically, the person in control of the area will be the defendant in any lawsuit. For example, if you own the venue or you are renting the venue, such as for office space, you will be the person referenced in the lawsuit. In some cases, the defendant could be a corporate legal entity.

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How to get legal funding for your slip and fall case

One option is to apply for a traditional loan through a lender. However, this process can be complicated, time-consuming, and getting approval isn’t always easy. That’s where Oasis’ pre-settlement funding options can help. One of the most significant benefits of legal funding is that it is relatively easy to obtain. All you have to do is fill out one of our online applications or call us for a free, no obligation case consultation.

No matter which option you choose, we will need some basic information about you and your case. We’ll also need your lawyer’s contact information so we can get some additional details about your situation and the likelihood that the case will be resolved in your favor.

Applying for financial assistance while waiting for liability to be determined in the courtroom will enable you to cover routine expenses and additional medical costs. It will also give you some added breathing room and peace of mind, knowing you have your bases covered.

Oasis provides slip and fall legal funding between $500 and $100,000. Part of this consultation process for slip and fall settlement funding involves consulting with an attorney and examining key documents to give our team a better idea of your case. No credit score is required because all funds lent are repaid from your future legal settlement.

Obtaining slip and fall lawsuit funding depends on the element of risk to the funding company. Our team will consult with your attorneys to analyze the ins and outs of your case to determine your chances of winning. Once we have all of the required information, we will decide if your case qualifies for pre-settlement funding and the amount of the cash we’re able to offer.

The best part of the Oasis process is that you are not required to return any slip and fall funding if you lose. Get in touch with Oasis Financial to learn more about our process today.  Better days are just an application away!


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What kind of slip and fall accidents do you usually provide legal funding for?

Slip and fall lawsuit funding is generally available to anyone who has been injured in a slip and fall accident, is represented by a lawyer and has sued the responsible party. However, this type of funding is only available to people in need of financial support if their case is pending.

If they meet these basic criteria, we may provide cash against settlements where plaintiffs were injured at/on/by/in the following among others:

  • A staircase
  • A defective sidewalk
  • Ice
  • A wet floor
  • A public or private park
  • A grocery store
  • A convenience store
  • A gas station
  • A coffee shop
  • A restaurant

Slip and Fall Settlement Funding with Oasis Financial

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Slip and Fall Lawsuit Funding FAQs

Negotiating personal injury slip and fall cases and understanding slip and fall settlements isn’t easy. Here’s a breakdown of people’s most common questions about how the process works.

What is the highest settlement for a slip and fall accident?

The largest settlement for a slip and fall case came in 2016 in Clark County, Nevada. Kelly Hendrickson of Clark County, Nevada, was shopping at Lowe’s Home Improvement store for palm trees. She slipped and fell on a wet concrete floor, leading to a significant head injury.

Following an 11-day trial, jurors awarded Hendrickson $16.4 million. She received $1.9 million for medical expenses and $14.5 million for pain and suffering. However, Hendrickson was assigned 20% liability for the accident, leaving her with $13.1 million.

Note that this is not a typical example of high-value slip-and-fall settlements. Few cases result in seven or eight-figure awards unless the accident was fatal or included life-changing injuries.

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What is the average payout for a slip and fall?

Like all types of accidents, determining an average value for a lawsuit for slip and fall injuries is extremely difficult. No “typical” slip and fall lawsuit exists because every injury has different circumstances. Furthermore, state averages vary wildly, with state and municipal precedents influencing final awards.

However, most non-fatal slip and fall incidents usually settle for between $10,000 and $50,000. Fatal accidents frequently settle for over $250,000. The most significant awards are usually reserved for accidents leading to permanent disability because the victims often require lifelong medical care and support.

However, working with a reputable attorney can increase your settlement amount by up to 40%, so it’s worth enlisting one to fight your case on your behalf.

Do I need a lawyer to get approved for pre-settlement funding?

Before you can receive funding for your slip and fall case, you must enlist the services of an attorney. With an attorney, your chances of winning a case rise dramatically. Since lenders rely on your attorney winning your case, no reputable lender will take on the risk of someone fighting their own case.

Moreover, using an attorney increases your chances of winning a larger settlement. Like your pre-settlement funder, you can find attorneys that work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay if you win your case.

Can I apply if I was previously denied funding?

Yes, you can. Your funder may deny your application if you can’t prove that someone else is liable. This tends to happen when customers apply for funding too early. In this case, your lawyer may need more time to establish fault. Once the fault has been firmly determined, you can reapply and get approved for pre-settlement funding from Oasis.

It underpins the importance of collaborating and consulting with an experienced lawyer before submitting your application.

Oasis provides pre-settlement funding, also known as consumer litigation funding, to its customers through different products depending on their state of residence or cause of action. Many consumers will be provided pre-settlement funding in the form of a purchase agreement, which assigns a portion of the pending proceeds from their legal claim. Other consumers, such as those in SC and CO will be offered a funding in the form of a pre-settlement loan, sometimes referred to as a lawsuit loan. These transactions have important differences, therefore, consumers should carefully review and be aware of the type of transaction that is offered to them by any funding company.