Does your case qualify?

As a leading pre-settlement funding company, we provide financial relief to plaintiffs in many types of personal injury cases. We carefully assess each case based on its own merits and provide cash based on its worth and likelihood of successful resolution.

We understand that pre-settlement funding provides the peace of mind you need to concentrate on your health and family. Accordingly, we make every effort to approve your application and provide your cash as soon possible. In many cases this happens within 24 hours. Because we understand that this is a stressful time for you and your loved ones, we also make reasonable efforts to help if other pre-settlement companies have turned you down.

Personal injury case types

We provide pre-settlement funding to qualified applicants injured in accidents such as:

We also provide this type of financial relief to qualified applicants with pending wrongful death lawsuits. In addition, you may be eligible for a funding if you were hurt and have a pending lawsuit as the result of:

Extent of injury

Applicants seeking pre-settlement funding have typically sustained the following injuries in accidents where someone else was to blame:

  • Soft tissue (usually sprains, strains and tears affecting tendons, ligaments, muscle, etc.)
  • Spine and back
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries including traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Lacerations
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Burns
  • Joint
  • Birth injuries
  • Loss of limbs or appendages (amputation)
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Other motor vehicle accident-related
  • Any other injuries requiring medical intervention

In most cases, eligibility for pre-settlement funding depends on several factors including establishment of liability, type and extent of losses, and the cost of treatment.

Remember, pre-settlement funding is only meant to help you make ends meet until your case is resolved (hopefully in your favor). In addition to providing financial relief and peace of mind, it can also give your lawyer more time to work on your case. This in turn makes it more likely that you will get the settlement you deserve.

General qualifications for pre-settlement funding

As we have already noted, each application for pre-settlement funding is assessed on its individual merits. However, you must also meet some basic criteria to be eligible. Specifically, you must be at least 18; a lawyer must represent you; and you must have incurred physical, financial, emotional or any other relevant losses.

Our pre-settlement funding benefits

  1. We only provide funding to plaintiffs with sound cases.This ensures that the applicant gets the legal funding they need to survive while their cases are pending, and that we are repaid when the case settles.However, as a premier legal funding company, we are also aware that some cases gain traction as they progress. Accordingly, we are always willing to revisit your case and reassess your financial needs.
  2. Our pre-settlement funding process is quick and easy.We understand the stress and anxiety you are experiencing while you are awaiting a settlement in your personal injury case. As a result, we make every effort to process your application and release pre-settlement funding as quickly as possible. As long as we get all of the information we need and there are no complications, you can usually get the cash you need within 24 hours of approval.
  3. Complications that can affect your request for pre-settlement fundingWe understand that you have pressing financial obligations and need financial relief as soon as possible. However, some factors can hinder our ability to accommodate your request and/or to accommodate it as quickly as we’d like. This can happen when insurance companies delay releasing essential material or information until your attorney initiates a lawsuit and goes through a legal process called discovery. It can also be difficult for us to establish an estimated case value –which is an essential part of pre-settlement funding decisions – before you have finished your treatment. Regardless, we will rarely flatly deny an application; we’re always happy to revisit your request as your case progresses.
  1. We adhere to industry best practices for disclosure and transparency. By now you’ve been through more than enough stress, aggravation and anxiety. So the last thing you need is to be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous pre-settlement funding company. Because we adhere to industry best practices, you will get all of the information you need to make a fully informed decision about our cash advances from the beginning.

The advantages of pre-settlement funding

Because pre-settlement funding is issued based on the strength of your personal injury case and related factors,there is no employment check and credit score is not a factor.

All you have to do is provide some basic information and leave the rest to us. We will gather the rest of the information we need from your attorney and use everything to determine your eligibility for pre-settlement funding.

It’s up to you to take the first step

The bottom line is that we understand what you’re going through and we’re here to help. But it’s up to you to take the first step. Begin by filling out our online application or calling us to learn if your case qualifies for pre-settlement funding today.

Oasis provides pre-settlement funding, also known as consumer litigation funding, to its customers through different products depending on their state of residence or cause of action. Many consumers will be provided pre-settlement funding in the form of a purchase agreement, which assigns a portion of the pending proceeds from their legal claim. Other consumers, such as those in SC and CO will be offered a funding in the form of a pre-settlement loan, sometimes referred to as a lawsuit loan. These transactions have important differences, therefore, consumers should carefully review and be aware of the type of transaction that is offered to them by any funding company.